We all know that the reentry process will work better with more job opportunities and more reentry success stories. There are employers who look for and want to hire motivated individuals. Successful reentry and the advocacy it creates, will stimulate more success stories. Knowing and working with individuals who have successfully re-entered and are contributing to society will create a major change in attitudes on the inside and the outside, on both sides of the razor wire. We have the opportunity to promote this change through a new initiative, People of the Month Reentry Survivors Success Stories.

We invite individuals (or their families) who have successfully negotiated the reentry process and gained personal satisfaction in this achievement to contribute. We respect your desire for some privacy. We do not need to know the crime, time served or number of incarcerations. Rather, we are interested in the reentry story, success of the reentry and the resources you as an individual utilized in the process, what works and what doesn't work. A success story should be limited to about 500 words. Do not worry about spelling or sentence structure because all stories submitted will be reviewed and corrected as needed.  The stories, if accepted, will be published. Stories can be submitted directly on our web-site or by e-mail to reentrysurvivors@gmail.com

Your story can make a real difference in changing attitudes, reducing incarceration and recidivism rates, and creating more opportunities for employment and changing lives.

Tell your success story now.

Blessings to you